Mergers and Acquisitions Services.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Services in Chicago, IL

Whether you want to merge with another company or sell yours, your transaction deserves a steady hand at the wheel. When it comes to accounting, we are one of the best Chicago mergers and acquisitions firms, and we serve businesses across the country with related matters.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Services.
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Empower Your M&A Success with Lewis CPA: Your Chicago M&A Navigator

Welcome to Lewis CPA, your trusted partner for all your financial and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) needs. Located in the heart of the Windy City, our firm is dedicated to providing top-tier M&A services tailored to the unique requirements of businesses in the Chicago area.

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Empower Your M&A Success with Lewis CPA: Your Chicago M&A Navigator

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the city limits, as we have successfully assisted businesses throughout the Chicagoland area in navigating the intricacies of M&A transactions. With a team of seasoned professionals and a track record of delivering results, we are ready to empower your organization with the financial strategies and insights necessary to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Whether you're looking to merge with a complementary business, acquire a strategic target, divest non-core assets, or explore joint ventures, Lewis CPA is here to guide you through every step of the M&A journey. We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions that align with your goals, ensuring that your M&A experience is not only successful but also a catalyst for your continued growth and success.

Empower Your M&A Success with Lewis CPA: Your Chicago

Our M&A Services

We always offer our clients value. We do this through meticulous due diligence, transaction advisory services, and assistance after the merger. From objective analysis before to integration after, we're there for you.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is all about assessing and managing the potential risk of a transaction. We offer both sell-side and buy-side due diligence so you're covered from either side of a potential deal.

Consulting on Business Valuation and Purchase Price

Proper business valuation identifies weaknesses you can address inside your company before placing a proper sale number on your organization. Avoid unrealistic prices that might scare off potential buyers.

Negotiation Process Supervision

By supervising the process of negotiation, we can identify gaps between the two parties involved. Then, we can find ways to bridge those gaps in mutually beneficial and acceptable ways.

Transaction Structuring

Transaction structuring can take many different forms and paths, all with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us help you ascertain which structuring makes the most sense for your organization.

Post-Deal Close

Closing a deal is actually only the beginning. Integrating culture and operations is a mammoth task that takes time, but we'll be there to help with this phase, too.

We Can Help You

Confused about a merger or acquisition in your industry? Trust our diverse experience to give us the expertise and tools to handle any transaction you might be looking into in the near future.

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Our Mergers and Acquisition Process

Our process for mergers and acquisitions goes through three stages: planning, negotiation, closing, and integration of the companies involved.

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Appointment

    Everything starts with your first appointment. We get to know you, your goals for a merger or acquisition, and the company you are considering buying or selling yourself to.

  • Planning

    Proper planning helps avoid bad deals while paving the way to the right ones. Everything from proper valuation to tax considerations has to be taken into account in this stage.

  • Negotiation

    Negotiations are where the details matter because any agreements made here wind up becoming the post-merger reality for both organizations. Choosing the right structuring for the transaction is very crucial.

  • Closing & Post-Acquisition

    Nothing is official until the deal is closed, but post-acquisition support is necessary to make sure that all operational and company culture matters are integrated successfully to finish.

Businesses We Serve

We've helped companies in many different industries with their Chicago business acquisitions and mergers. Count on us to make sure your company is ready for sale, that another business is a good one to buy, help with negotiation, and handle post-merger support.

Retailers might merge to increase market share or the number of locations they have. Acquisitions can also be a way of entering new markets without building more stores.

When two law firms decide to become one, they can pool together clients while minimizing duplicate overhead expenses. The overall team of attorneys gets access to a deeper pool of talent.

Construction firms have to keep overhead low for seasons when there might not be so much building activity. Mergers help reduce internal costs but pool together equipment and talent.

Not-for-profits have to keep expenses low in order to serve their stated mission objectives successfully. Mergers can mean organizations with an overlap in purpose can serve their goals more efficiently.

Why Choose Lewis CPA for Your M&A?

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Tailored Solutions

We customize strategies to align with your specific goals, ensuring M&A success that fits your unique requirements.
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Strategic Insight

Gain valuable insights and guidance to make informed decisions throughout the M&A process, optimizing outcomes.
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Our streamlined processes and attention to detail minimize disruptions, making M&A transactions smoother and less time-consuming.
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Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your needs, offering responsive communication and dedicated support, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Client Reviews

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Many thanks as always. Truly unbelievable how fast you respond. 5 star service.
Kathy G
Always friendly, personable and most important, knowledgeable. Always willing to take questions and explain. Public office areas redone for distancing/partitions and touchless.
Kathryn Volpi
Professional, expert services from people who care about their clients.
Diane Traxler
I recently started a new business; Sue Lewis and her staff were incredibly helpful through every step of the process. I would highly recommend Susan S. Lewis, Ltd.
Gretchen Cockey
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Mergers and Acquisitions FAQs

  • How Much Do M&A Financial Advisors Charge?

    Work fees for larger transactions can escalate very quickly. A mid-sized sale or acquisition, assuming there are no adverse complications, could still take upwards of 50 hours, and be billed accordingly at approximately $300 per hour.

  • How long does an M&A transaction take?

    Depending upon the size of the acquisition, the willingness of parties to negotiate, and a number of other factors, the process can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years.

  • What types of M&A transactions do you handle?

    We specialize in various Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions:

    - Mergers (horizontal and vertical) for seamless integration and added value.
    - Acquisitions, from target identification to successful execution.
    - Divestitures, including asset valuation and efficient management.
    - Joint ventures and alliances to align with strategic goals.
    - Management buyouts (MBOs) and leveraged buyouts (LBOs) for smooth transitions.
    - Private equity transactions, including structuring and negotiation.
    - Asset purchases/sales, optimizing portfolios.
    - Restructuring and distressed M&A, addressing financial challenges.

    Our dedicated team tailors services to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring successful navigation of their chosen M&A transaction type. Whether in Chicago, IL or elsewhere, we deliver comprehensive and strategic solutions.

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