Financial Planning.

Financial Planning in Chicago, IL

Your financial goals might be short-term, such as saving for a vacation or a car, or farther into the future, such as buying a home or putting someone through college. The right financial planning makes nearly any financial goal feasible, and we can help you achieve your dreams by making your money work for you.

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Financial Planning.
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Trusted Chicago Financial Planners

The best Chicago financial planning firms know there's no cookie-cutter approach to financial planning. If you're looking for financial planning services in Chicago, then you might be seeking advice on a single topic, or you might be seeking a broad plan that covers all your finances. Whether you need financial planning in Chicago once or on an ongoing basis, we can empower you to utilize your money towards your individual goals and values. We'll help you create and start using a plan that fits your current circumstances and help you adapt as things change.

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Expert Financial Planning in Chicago

Do you need financial planning services in Chicago to make the most of your money and goals? If so, then contact us right away!

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Financial Planning for Businesses

Explore our customized financial planning services designed to address the unique needs of various sectors in Chicago.

Elevate your retail venture with our bespoke financial planning. From inventory optimization to cash flow management, we drive success in the competitive market.

Forge financial excellence in legal domains with our strategic planning. From revenue projections to budget management, we empower legal practices for growth.

Establish a robust financial framework for your construction enterprise with our comprehensive planning. From project budgeting to risk mitigation, we fuel profitability and achievement.

Navigate healthcare finance intricacies with our tailored planning. From revenue analysis to cost optimization, we bolster providers in delivering quality care while securing financial wellness.

Benefits of Financial Planning

You probably know that you should have financial planning done, but what are the specific benefits?

Benefits of Outsourced Payroll Services
  • Set and Reach Goals

    Know what you want to accomplish in life, and then find the ways to make your money move in those directions.

  • Improve Your Financial Status

    Even before you reach your goals, just taking ownership of your finances will improve your money matters and status in life.

  • Get Your Savings Started

    Savings can start with just a little money. The rest will add up more over time.

  • Trust Your Roadmap

    Your financial plan involves making some early choices, but it later provides you with a template for making decisions that will happen in the future.

Our Financial Planning Process

While your financial plan should be the process that makes your money goals a reality, it helps to understand what our financial planning process is when we help you.

1. Listening

We're here to get to know you and your goals and values, not tell you how we think you should manage your money.

2. Analysis

We'll prepare your balance sheet so we can analyze your savings, cash flow, net worth, and budget.

3. Management

We can help you manage many money matters, including taxes, education plans, and estate plans.

4. Identification

We'll identify potential risks that might impact your family's wealth and financial future so we can protect your assets and mitigate risk.

Why Choose Us for Your Financial Planning in Chicago?

You're probably looking at several potential financial planners, and they're all likely saying how great they are. How do you know you should choose us?

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Doctors and lawyers have to get certified to an official status before they can legally practice their respective professions, and so do we. Our team of CPA professionals is certified for the work they do for you.
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We've got decades of experience in helping clients of all kinds with their finances, planning, and accounting. Trust us to help you navigate the complexity involved with financial planning because we've seen and done it all by now.
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Personal Service

Everyone's financial circumstances and lifestyles are different, as are their attitudes toward money in general. Your specific goals for the future can be very different from everyone else. This is why we start any service with a thorough conversation about what you've already done and where you want to go from here.
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Coast to Coast

While we're proudly based in Chicago, serving the Windy City and its surrounding areas, our services are available across the country so you have more options than just your local market.

Client Reviews

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Over 20 years now, Susan Lewis & team have performed consistently ‘awesome’ in terms of professionalism, speediness and quality. [...]. They have helped me with financial planning and goal setting. [...]. I continue to recommend them to my friends and family and anyone in need.
Kathy Huebner
We have been using Susan for over 20 years, she has provided excellent service and helped us through many of our life changing moments: new homes, college expenses, employment changes and more.  We would recommend her for all your financial needs.
Michael Parent
I learned about Susan from some co-workers and after hearing all their positive remarks, I made an appointment with her. BEST financial/tax decision I have ever made!
Kevin Thornton
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FAQs about Financial Planning

We get asked certain questions a lot by many people. Yours might be one of them.
  • How much does financial planning in Chicago cost?

    Financial planning in Chicago doesn't come with a flat fee because the services are never a case where one size fits all. We scale our pricing based on what you need, whether it's a one-time consultation on a particular topic or comprehensive financial planning with long-term support. Fortunately, we have flexible pricing services available to meet your needs and budget because we always believe you should get the most out of your money.

  • How does financial planning differ from retirement planning?

    Financial planning encompasses a comprehensive approach to managing finances, spanning budgeting, investment strategies, and debt management to achieve diverse financial objectives over a lifetime. Retirement planning, however, specifically centers on preparing for retirement, involving the assessment of retirement income needs, estimation of expenses, and the development of tailored strategies to accumulate adequate funds for retirement.

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