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Retirement & benefit plan services are crucial to rewarding current employees for their service while also recruiting new talent. An employee benefit plan audit is crucial to make sure everything is lined up right to work out well for your business and your team while staying aligned with government rules and regulations. Let us help!

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Professional Employee Benefits Consulting

Employee benefits can be a tricky aspect of your business to navigate, but our professional employee benefits consulting services mean you can find solutions faster and easier than ever before. Our knowledge and experience are available to you, so you meet employee needs. Enjoy less turnover and more effective recruitment as a result.

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Our Retirement & Benefit Plan Services

Our team can offer your business plenty of help with retirement and benefit plan services. We've worked with businesses of small and medium sizes for plans ranging from a few participants to thousands. Count on us for a variety of different services to suit your company's needs.

Retirement Planning Services

Defined contribution plans, such as the 401(k) and 403(b) options, face regulatory compliance challenges in many cases. Failing to be compliant can result in serious penalties, and a pension plan has its own set of rules to follow. Our approach helps you meet audit requirements with ease and efficiency.

Defined Benefit Plan Services

Defined benefit plans commonly let older participants generate sizable retirement assets in a short time frame. These work well for small business owners or sole proprietors who need bigger deductions past the limitations of profit-sharing plans. Cross-tested plans let employers decide the contribution levels for particular groups of employees, such as single- and multi-employer benefit plans.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Whether you need IRS and DOL audits or a form 11-k audit, we have the experience and expertise to make it all happen. These audits make sure your employee benefit plans stay compliant with government stipulations.

Profit-Sharing Plans

Profit-sharing plans mean you can contribute to a pension plan on behalf of the employees, and they're very effective tools to retain top talent. Let us help you create and maintain an effective option for your team.

401(k) Plans

If you want to take advantage of one of the most popular retirement investment options that employees love, then we're the 401k CPA firm in Chicago for you. Employees who use this option get to defer taxes on funds they contribute to a variety of investment portfolios that help them prepare for later in life.

403(b) Plans

Nonprofits and various professional careers qualify for these instead of 401(k) plans, but the rules and oversight are very similar. Make sure your organization is compliant with the current rules and practices.

Compliance Testing

Whether you need form 5500 preparation or just employee benefits consulting, we can help you keep your plan organized properly and operating efficiently. Compliance testing at regular intervals helps you make sure you can avoid penalties, fines, and trouble with various levels of government.

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We know your needs, and our experts at Lewis.CPA will be happy to help you with employee benefit plan services.

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Why Choose Our Benefit Plan Audit Services?

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Our Employee Benefits Audit Process

Our employee benefits audit process is comprehensive and effective in making sure your business is doing things right:

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  • Schedule an Appointment

    We're always here waiting to help businesses who need our services, but it's up to you to contact us to start the process.

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    We don't want just to provide you with services so much as we want to create personal and professional relationships with you and your business.

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    We will set you up with the right accounting software, including Quicken, Zero, and Quickbooks.

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    Online access to your account dashboard lets you access your information anytime you want or need.

  • Make the Right Business Decisions

    Everything we do is ultimately empowering you to make the best choices for your company.

Client Reviews

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The office is professional, the staff is responsive, and most importantly the work is exceptional. The depth of Sue's knowledge, and the support of her team are truly unmatched
Marieantoinette Zamora
We have been using Susan for over 20 years, she has provided excellent service and helped us through many of our life changing moments: new homes, college expenses, employment changes and more. We would recommend her for all your financial needs
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Susan and her team are the absolute best! Their work is exceptional and the service is unmatched! I would highly recommend them
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Employee Benefit Plans FAQs

Still, have some questions about all this? That's understandable, given how important and complicated employee benefits plans can be to your business.
  • How much does a 401(k) audit cost?

    The costs of a 401(k) audit can vary based on the scope of the audit and the size of your business. Contact us for a quote because we can adapt our services to meet the needs and budgets of most businesses. Having said that, an average audit for a medium-sized business with less than $50 million in assets is usually around $10,000.

  • Who needs an employee benefit plan audit?

    If your plan has 100 or more participants on the first day, then you're required by law to have a plan audit. Annual audits are required after that on a recurring basis. Remember, though, that audits benefit your business with actionable insights and information as much as they satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

Reach Out to Your Employee Benefits Consultant

Getting your employee benefits right is crucial to your company expenses, rewarding your team, and keeping the government happy. Don't do it alone. Contact us right away if you could use the services of an employee benefits consultant.

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