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Financial statement preparation might not be on your mind very often with all the other responsibilities you face, but you need your work regularly summarized with objectivity and precision. If you need help with the preparation of the financial statements your business is responsible for, then consider us. We are a Chicago-based CPA firm that serves businesses across the country, using the latest and greatest accounting software.

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Your Trusted CPA for Financial Statement Preparation

A financial statement can work like a road map that guides you to the best choices for your business while you avoid costly mistakes. While a financial statement might help you with getting a loan or finishing a tax return, it can do a lot more than that.

We understand that getting financial statements ready can be challenging and stressful. If you're new to the world of business, then the concepts of balance sheet reports and cash flow statements might intimidate you. Our team of accountants has the experience to generate formatted statements for you with ease and accuracy, and we use top-of-the-line computer software to do it.

Accurate Financial Statements Are Important for Several Reasons

We've already helped lots of small businesses get their financial statements ready, and we help them see the importance of them for many reasons, including:

  • Credit Decisions: Lenders look at financial statements when deciding whether you get credit or not.
  • Investment Decisions: Investors review financial statements when analyzing your company's potential as a profitable investment opportunity.
  • Taxation Decisions: Your business income and assets determine your taxes, and so financial statements help you plan for taxes and maneuver your tax positioning.

Our Financial Statement Preparation Services

The financial statement preparation services we offer are comprehensive to cover all your business needs. If you want your financial statements prepared, we can certainly help in every aspect.

Income Statement Preparation

An income statement records the revenue your company generates after all your expenses are deducted.

Balance Sheet Preparation

Your balance sheet reports assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity in your business.

Cash Flow Statement Preparation

This particular statement accounts for cash balance changes, as they show the source of your cash and provide details about cash usage. We can help with your cash flow statement, so you know exactly where your business is going in the short and long run.

Profit and Loss Statement Preparation

This statement records both expenses and income, so you have a good idea of whether you're incurring losses or making a profit, as well as how much you're doing in either direction. Remember, net income is important to know and follow closely in your accounting system.

Statement of Retained Earnings

This statement highlights how profits are distributed between dividends and retained earnings.

Expert Financial Statement Preparation Services in Chicago

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Preparing Financial Statements for Your Business has considerable experience working with plenty of company owners and leaders in making sure their financial statements are accurate and effective at minimizing taxes. Our industry experience in creating financial statements includes clients such as but certainly not limited to:

Smaller companies looking for growth might need investors and loans, and financial statements are crucial to landing both.

Not-for-profits face a different set of rules than many companies, and the right financial statements can help prove that you are, in fact, a not-for-profit instead of a for-profit enterprise.

If you work for or run a law firm, or you just work as an independent attorney, then you need to focus as much time as you can on generating billable money instead of doing financial paperwork. We can have a look at your latest financial statement and go from there.

Franchises are unique situations where you're simultaneously a standalone company but also part of a larger organization. This is an example of the type of client we thrive in working for.  

Why Trust Financial Statement Preparation to Us?

We are a professional, certified CPA based out of Chicago who works with clients from coast to coast. They come to us for many reasons, and here are a few examples of why many come to us for their accounting needs:

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Adherence to International Standards (IFRS)

Certain accounting principles are recognized around the world as the industry's best work, and our statements command respect because of this.
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Remote Services

You don't have to meet us in person to benefit from the services that we provide.
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We might be based in the Windy City area, but we can help businesses in any state.
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Deep Expertise

We've helped businesses of many sizes in quite a few industries, so we can handle nearly any situation you present us with.

Our Financial Statement Preparation Process

We cater our protocols to meet the unique needs of each client, but it still helps for you to know what our baseline process is:

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Discovery

    We dig into the data to come up with the hard numbers that feed into any financial statement. This is for accuracy but also to make sure you get the overview you need.

  • Financial Analysis

    Coming up with the numbers is the right start, but the proper analysis is what lets you make informed decisions about your business.

  • Preparation of Financial Reports

    We can produce the reports for you, so you and your team stay free to focus on your company and what you're best at

  • Submission to the IRS

    When need be, we'll handle submitting your documents to the IRS and anyone else who needs them.

Client Reviews

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Susan Lewis is remarkable in her ability to synthesize financial information and suggest new ways to improve and simplify company or individual finances. This is a hard-working group of people that take care of their clients financial and tax needs exceptionally well.
Liz Holmberg
We have been working with Sue and her team since 1989 and found them to be professional, courteous, and always willing to take the extra step to meet our needs. The fact we have used their services continuously for nearly 30 years is the best recommendation I could offer regarding Sue and her staff
Fred Hejduk
Susan and her team are the absolute best! Their work is exceptional and the service is unmatched! I would highly recommend them
The Aesthetic Professional
Many thanks as always. Truly unbelievable how fast you respond. 5 star service.
Kathy G
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