Liquidations & Reorganization.

Corporate Turnaround and Finance Restructuring Services in Chicago, IL

Financial restructuring can be a better option than continuing to let financial and operational hurdles continue to hurt you. Our CPA services are based out of Chicago, but we can help individuals and businesses across the country with tax matters and business reorganization.

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Liquidations & Reorganization.
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Reliable Turnaround and Restructuring Consulting Firm

Turnaround professionals, such as those working for restructuring consulting firms like ours, help businesses through every stage of restructuring. It starts with the innovation behind crafting the right restructuring goals and follows through with actual implementation, followed by analysis and adjustments.

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Our Corporate Finance Restructuring Services

A financial turnaround and restructuring might be as simple as leveraging better cash flow by negotiating with lenders and creditors. However, your odds of success go up when you use experienced professionals accustomed to such situations.

Turnaround Management

Turnaround firms in Chicago bring a fresh perspective and industry experience to the table when your company is trying to restructure through initiatives to reduce costs, streamline business processes, and much more.

Restructuring Advisory

We can apply our professional experience and proven track record of success in guiding your own business through its reorganization, possibly keeping the whole process out of the court system.

Cash and Liquidity Management

You can get a long way just handling your cash and liquidity management. Get help with cash flow forecasting, working capital improvements, lender and vendor negotiations, improving compliance with asset-based loans, and general cash flow management.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance issues can be the thing holding your organization back. Get assistance with financial modeling, business plan assessments, and development, lender negotiation assistance, and help with your debt refinancing.

Interim and Crisis Management

Crisis management is sometimes necessary before interim solutions can be rolled out on the way to permanent restructuring. If need be, we can step in as a temporary CEO, CFO, COO, controller, and treasurer.

Due Diligence

When your company is hurting and in need of reorganization, taking the time to do due diligence might not be something you want to do. However, just taking this step can prevent and solve many issues ailing your organization.

Transaction Advisory

To get the most out of your company restructuring, you might need to zoom in on the very transactional level your business operates. Making the most of every transaction can result in streamlined business operations and more cash flow.

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Business Restructuring Advisory

Our business restructuring services have helped organizations in many different economic environments. Regardless of your core business activities, we can take a look at how things are going for you now and offer alternative structuring arrangements that pave a better way forward for your company.

The retail industry is in constant flux with e-commerce and delivery services upending brick-and-mortar operations that have been around for decades.

An increasingly litigious society fuels demand for attorneys and firms that employ them, but restructuring might be necessary to keep costs down and improve profits kept off of revenue.

The construction industry is in very high demand right now, but supply shortages and labor disruptions can make business operations continually consider what structure might serve them best.

There is such turbulence in the Healthcare sector right now, that restructuring might not just be an occasional necessity but a common option that your organization should employ.

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We have experience helping businesses in all kinds of industries and sectors. Find out what we can do for yours.

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Why Choose Our Turnaround Consulting Firm?

Taxes are not a simple affair anymore. If you want certified results that give you peace of mind, then our professional tax services are what you need.

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It's not enough to keep the IRS or your state department of revenue at bay. You need solutions that move your business forward.

Our Turnaround and Restructuring Consulting Process

Company restructuring can happen through changes in leadership, mergers, and acquisitions, or rebranding and recapitalization. Accountants can help you navigate the tax changes in this process.

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Schedule an Appointment

    Our CPAs can't help you if you don't consult them in the first place. One appointment is all it takes to get started with all of this.

  • Let Our CPAs Define Your Business Strategy

    CPAs can help you specify your business strategy if you're having trouble articulating one, but they can also add finesse to a general plan you've already formulated to some degree.

  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses in the Current Organizational Structure

    When you know the pros and cons of your current setup, then you can emphasize playing to your benefits while mitigating the downsides present.

  • Consider Your Options and Design a New Structure

    Contrast and comparison between your new options should eventually make the ideal path forward obvious, even if by process of elimination. Then, you can decide on your specific steps to advance into the future.

  • Launch Your Company Restructure and Adjust as Necessary

    A restructuring might not be implemented as precisely as you plan it out. See how things go, and then make adjustments as you need to in order to keep things on course.

Business Restructuring FAQs

  • When Should a Company Restructure?

    Knowing when to restructure a company can be tricky, but there are several common triggers that warrant such a move. Poor earnings performance, deteriorating financial fundamentals, lackluster sales revenue, and excessive levels of debt might all prove to be inspirations. Lack of competitive power and facing overwhelming industry competition can also matter.

  • How Long Does a Company Restructure Take?

    Without preparation, a restructuring process might take as many as five full calendar years. If it needs to be done within a year, consider setting quarterly tasks, such as research, choices, implementation, and review. Lewis CPA can make the process go faster and take a lot of the stress out of it for you, too.

Client Reviews

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Susan Lewis and her staff have been doing my taxes for over 17 years ever since I opened my own business. You can always count on a friendly, fast, and courteous response when it's needed. I wouldn't use anyone else and I've referred them to others who have been happy with their service as well.
Karen Johnson
Sue has been a great resource for my personal, small business tax needs.  She helped me launch 2 S corps, and sort out the mess that was my personal return.  Every step of the way she has been there with great advice and helped guide me to properly record transactions.  I would highly recommend her.
Jeff Donnellan
Sue and her entire office are great.  She has done personal and business taxes for my wife and me for as long as I can remember.  Her team is friendly, fast, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.  I am very particular about giving recommendations and I would highly recommend Susan S. Lewis Ltd.!
Dave Olen
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