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Likely the most distressing letter you can receive from the IRS is one notifying you of an audit. Your best option is to build a strong tax audit defense. Lewis CPA is a Chicago-based IRS tax representative serving businesses and individuals nationwide.

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Professional IRS Tax Audit Help

If the Internal Revenue Service believes that your tax return isn't accurate, they can perform a tax audit. Our auditing firm tax experts can help you navigate owed back taxes, non-resident taxes, and payroll tax problems.

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Our Tax Audit Services

The tax audit services our Chicago CPA provides are designed to handle any problem that might arise during an IRS tax audit. These services are available whenever you require them.

IRS Audit

When providing you with IRS audit help, our CPA firm will help you gather documentation, represent you during meetings, and negotiate settlements if necessary. Our representation extends to administrative appeals.

Tax Levy

If you want to keep your assets from being seized and your wages garnished, our tax specialists can help you avoid an IRS tax levy.

Tax Lien

When a tax lien has been placed on your personal property, we can assist you in finding the right solution for having this lien removed.

Wage Garnishment

If the IRS has notified you that wages will be garnished to pay for back taxes, our accounting firm will guide you through this process to avoid wage garnishment.


When the IRS attempts to seize your property or assets to cover back taxes, contact our CPA firm to help negotiate terms with the IRS and pay your debt.

Need Help with Audit?

If you’re concerned about the IRS seizing your assets, allow us to represent you and make sure that all debts are paid.

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Business Tax Audit

If you own a business that must file taxes every quarter, our top Chicago CPA is here to help. By delivering effective representation, your taxes will be filed correctly.

Retailer tax audits are relatively common and are typically triggered by exempt sales or notable changes in the sales taxes you've paid. We can help you navigate all of these issues.

If your law firm has been notified to expect an audit by the IRS, we'll assist you in gathering the necessary documentation and building a strong tax audit defense.

When your construction company is audited, request our expert audit representation to make sure that you can respond correctly to any request the IRS has. In addition, we'll help you pair operations with key financial documents.

Our non-profit IRS audit representation is available for any tax exempt organization that has received an IRS audit notice. We can assist you in navigating this process and resolving any issues that arise.

Individual Tax Audit

If a tax audit notice has been sent to you by the IRS, you may find it frustrating to gather all necessary documentation and make sure that everything's in order. When you request assistance from our personal tax accountants in Chicago, we'll take care of every step of the auditing process so that you don't have to. From the moment you provide us with your IRS audit letter, we'll deliver the personal audit representation you require.

Individual Tax Audit

Why Choose Our IRS Tax Audit Firm

Our professional and certified tax audit firm aims to make sure that you receive exemplary representation during an IRS audit.

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Remote services

By delivering our services remotely, we can provide you with the representation you deserve no matter where you are
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Our tax audit representation is available in all 52 states
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Deep expertise

Our many years of experience allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of tax audits and every request the IRS can make
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Our goal is to make sure that your tax issues are resolved in an efficient manner

Our IRS Representation Process

Once you request our IRS representation, we'll take the time to get to know you and your background

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Schedule an Appointment

    You can schedule an appointment by calling us or by filling out the online form on our website. We will respond quickly to ensure you have the representation you need.

  • Gather Your Documents

    You can upload documentation directly on our website, which only takes a few minutes. We can also assist you in gathering any documents that are needed during the audit.

  • Let Our Tax Professionals Conduct the Audit Process

    Once you request our services, we'll explain the entire audit process to you. After analyzing your case, we can identify potential outcomes and provide a strategy.

  • Get Experienced Audit Representation

    If a tax audit notice has been sent to you, schedule a consultation with our experienced tax professionals. Our services are available to customers all over the country.

IRS Tax Audit Representation FAQs

  • How Much Does IRS Audit Cost?

    The costs you pay for IRS audit representation depend on whether you're charged a flat fee or hourly rate. Hourly fees tend to be about $300. Flat-fee audit representation tends to range in price from $2,000-$5,000, depending on the complexity of your case.

  • Do You Need a Tax Attorney for an IRS Audit?

    If you have been audited and would like IRS representation, you don't necessarily need to hire a tax attorney. CPAs are fully authorized to provide taxpayers with representation during an audit. Only consider hiring a tax attorney if the IRS accuses you of fraud or tax evasion.

Client Reviews

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There is nothing better than having a longstanding relationship with a financial advisor you can trust and who knows your history. We also consider it “insurance” in case the IRS ever comes knocking at our door. It doesn't matter how simple or complex your tax situation looks - Susan and her team can help! We will forever be loyal customers.
Mark Seitz
Susan S Lewis, Ltd. has done our taxes for the last 12+ years. Sue and all on her staff are attentive, prudent, and efficient. The advice and guidance are well informed and gear for your personal and professional needs. If you want peace of mind that things will be handled with the utmost care, Susan S Lewis, LTD is the business that you can rely on! A VERY satisfied client.
A Sejna
Susan and her colleagues have completed my taxes for the past decade. The team really makes you feel comfortable and takes the time to thoroughly explain the process. They ask questions and offer suggestions. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking professional, consistent and honest experience.
Ricky LaPorte
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