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Outsourced CFO Services in Chicago, IL

For 36 years and running, Lewis CPAs helps businesses balance revenue with inputs, capital formation, and credit leveraging. Historically, these arts were the responsibility of a chief financial officer (CFO). Today, companies that can’t justify hiring a CFO can do likewise with CFO services for small business. Don’t worry, while we are Chicago-based, we help organizations all over the United States become more efficient, and thus, more profitable.

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CFO Services.
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Expert Outsourced Chief Financial Officer Solutions

A seasoned and savvy chief financial officer is a strength and comfort to any small business. Strength and comfort, however, often come with a sticker price beyond the company's financial capacity. Rather than employ a mediocre CFO, many enterprises bring in an outsourced or fractional CFO from the outside. In fact, outsourced CFO services are growing in reputation among businesses that carefully watch the bottom line. On any number of commercial fronts, utilizing CFO advisory services makes good sense.

For one thing, small business CFO services help to build a company's efficiency in the industry through the prompt payment, and collection, of bills and invoices. More than that, CFO consulting services can bolster in-house accounting staff with expertise and knowledge of best practices. This allows leaders to concentrate on strategy and overall vision. As an outsourced chief financial officer, Lewis CPA does not just review the books and ledgers. Instead, we examine organizational charts and workflow for a comprehensive knowledge of how the firm works.

With almost four decades of successfully meeting client expectations, Susan S. Lewis LTD. Is a resource on which business leaders come to depend.

Trusted Full-Service Payroll Provider in Chicago, IL

How to Know You Need CFO Services

Maybe things are running smoothly with the staff you have. People are receiving their paychecks, no checks are bouncing, and you seem to have enough in the bank. Yet the present does not always indicate the future. By thinking more about the future and the future .of the organization, you can achieve great profits and more efficiency. Outsourced CFO services ensure better prospects by performing the following functions:

  • Bringing 36 years of financial decision-making at the highest corporate levels
  • Coupling a command of financial issues with the client's knowledge of the industry
  • Tailoring our schedule to client needs, e.g., one day or multiple days
  • Leaving the client the option to dissolve the relationship at any time
  • Confirming a reliable yet adaptable cash flow
  • Providing valuable advice, drawn from a huge pool of past clients, about raising capital, managing debt, and consolidating operations

Our Outsourced CFO Services

The tasks assumed by CFO services can be few or many, from clerical to advisory. Getting them done at affordable rates is a win-win for executives with many concerns and responsibilities.

Business Assessment and Strategy

We assist companies to determine optimal practices for financial management. Also, we tailor financial reporting regimes for each business. Moreover, we review insurance policies, helping negotiate premiums with providers. Finally, we appraise operations to discover and remedy duplication and waste. Services like this can pay for themselves as waste is easy to miss, especially if you don’t have a competent CFO who is checking for these issues.

Financial Reporting and KPIs

Scrutinizing transactions helps to understand what a company requires to do business. Plus, careful examination discerns where improvements will be effective. Looking at each fiscal period brings previously unseen trends to light. Other activities include budget creation, forecasting, and comparisons of plans versus executions. We strive to make key performance indicators (KPIs) move in a positive direction.

Strategic Planning

A CFO consulting service can afford business leadership more than evaluate operations and improve productivity. We can also aid in moving a company toward its stated vision with a fresh perspective.

Creation of Management Reports

When management meets with investors to update them on key performance indicators, CFO services will prepare the necessary reports and even develop systems so that this information is revised more frequently. CFO advisory services personnel are present at such meetings upon request. In no way do they usurp the executive direction of these meetings.

Forecasting and Budget Preparation

Prophecies are only worthwhile if they come true. We have a record of projecting company performance in terms of months, quarters, and years. Always starting with the goal in mind, we keep assumptions to a bare minimum and consider multiple scenarios when predicting.

Finance Optimization and Transformation

Serious business leaders think about earning more while spending less. When Lewis CPAs make a top-down evaluation, we do so with the intent of finding out which processes and functions excel and which need revision. Profits grow when we streamline performance.

Forecasting and Budget Preparation

Prophecies are only worthwhile if they come true. We have a record of projecting company performance in terms of months, quarters, and years. Always starting with the goal in mind, we keep assumptions to a bare minimum and consider multiple scenarios when predicting.

If your company needs financial reinvigoration from the best outsourced CFO services, contact us today: (630) 552-6531

Benefits of an Outsourced CFO

Benefits of Outsourced Payroll Services
  • Saving Money

    As noted above, a competent CFO who knows the ropes does not come cheap. Finding outsourced CFO services that work according to the client's budget and need costs less. Since the client directs the number of hours worked and the specific tasks to address, funds are directed per the parameters set.

  • The Value of Time

    The office has an odd but irresistible way of pulling people off task, i.e., out of their lane, so to speak. Employing an outsourced CFO service keeps the work of financial supervision on point and on time, without distractions or diversions. In this way, financial matters consume fewer hours for fewer dollars.

  • Confidentiality and Security

    Often, financial issues are sensitive and need only a small circle to have awareness of them. This is easier done when financial decisions and transactions are made apart from company staffers, who inevitably hear or see details they are not authorized to know.

  • Handling Large-Scale Transactions

    When a firm is engaged in a major financial move, for example, a merger, it is all hands on deck with regard to the top-tier executives. Hiring CFO professional services brings assurance that the daily accounting and reporting will not get neglected in the process.

Tailored CFO Services for Your Business

Financial management is rarely a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It looks different among the diverse businesses to which it applies. This is why CFO services must be flexible, so they are ready to adapt to a range of businesses.

CFOs in retail know this: Retail accounting is distinct from other enterprises because it places a value on an inventory's retail sale value as opposed to the wholesale purchase value. This fact, and other details, affect the approach we take.

Lawyers want to practice law, not crunch numbers. Many specifics demarcate law firm finances from other businesses. Financial stewards must know that no interest can apply to funds being held in a trust, for example.

Home builders and commercial construction businesses are project-based. This means they measure profit per job. This could be one building or development. Materials cost and taxes are common issues demanding expertise.

Because non-profit organizations have multiple donors and finance sources, they often keep multiple sets of ledgers, whereas for-profit companies maintain one general ledger. Knowing retail particulars is especially essential at tax time.

Why Outsource Cash Flow Management to Us? understands the pressures and opportunities inherent in operating a small business. Knowledge, fit, and effectiveness are the hallmarks of our services.

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Knowledge and experience inform our business expertise. As a professional, certified CPA service, we have seen the ebbs and flows of revenue and the underlying reasons. 
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Adaptability works with a wide spectrum of businesses. Accounting practices vary among them, as do credit management and investment strategies.
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We have a solid record of helping companies save money and generate additional income. Through effective budgeting and fundraising, many clients see their financial prospects improving measurably.
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Working with, business professionals get all the CFO services they need, but only the CFO services they need. We can assume full responsibility for financial management or simply fill in gaps where needed.

Client Reviews

I have been a client of Susan S. Lewis Ltd, for the past 25 years. From practically the inception of her business. Throughout those years Susan and her team have been an excellent provider of tax and consulting services for my family and me. This includes your typical tax returns, trust tax returns, corporate tax returns, retirement planning/discussions, and estate planning.
Michael Rowan
We have been doing business with Susan Lewis since 2005 and are very happy with the accounting and tax services. Sue and her staff are knowledgeable and professional. We trust them. I highly recommend Susan Lewis and her staff and continue with them even tho we are out of state and no longer local.
Jenny Bennish
Been using Susan and staff for over 20 years. Service is prompt and reasonably priced. Very helpful in answering questions for future tax planning. Trust her firm totally.
Roger Morsch
Susan S. Lewis Ltd has done my tax returns for the past two years. Sue and her staff are very professional, thorough, efficient, and courteous. Interactions with the entire team are always very pleasant and my returns are processed very quickly with accuracy. I strongly recommend the services of Susan S. Lewis Ltd!
John Ernst
My husband and I have used Susan Lewis for several years.  The office is professional, the staff is responsive, and most importantly the work is exceptional.  We never feel as though our questions are answered in a rushed manner, nor do we feel that answers to these questions fit a "one size fits all" mold.  The depth of Sue's knowledge, and the support of her team are truly unmatched to other CPA's we have worked with over the years.
Marieantoinette Zamora
Susan Lewis and her assistants are wonderful and do an excellent job! I used several other accounting firms in the past and was never satisfied. When Susan and her team took over my tax prep for both my corporate and personal needs, they not only were able to go back several years to correct past mistakes made by other firms which resulted in additional refunds but made the process moving forward beneficial and easy. I can honestly say that when I leave my tax preparation in thier hands I have a sense of security knowing it will be done right and I will get the best results possible. I highly recommend Lewis CPA! Thank you Susan and your team!
Maribeth Tzavras

IRS Tax Audit Representation FAQs

  • What Are CFO Services?

    CFO services are many and various. Above all, managing and improving cash flow is the priority. Yet these services also involve financial planning, reducing debt, utilizing credit, analyzing company operations, and forecasting future earnings. Recommendations and consultancy also compose the many roles of a CFO.

  • How Much Do CFO Services Cost?

    We can do a few things or many things to maintain or improve the financial health of a small business. On the one hand, typical accounts payable and receivable functions, payroll administration, and general bookkeeping are routine roles we fill every day. On the other hand, we perform forecasting and advisory jobs for clients seeking to expand their enterprises. So, costs vary, but we are confident we can save your business money in the long run.

Ready to Start?

If the financial side of the business needs to be set in order or is consuming too much time, you may consider relying on outsourced CFO services. can serve as an occasional aid during crunch time or as a long-term partner, helping you to reach the profit level that assures your company a stable future.

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