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Cash Flow Management in Chicago, IL

We can eliminate the mysteries of cash flow management services. CPA is based in Chicago but helps SMB organizations across the country with managing cash flow.

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Cash Flow Management
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Expert Outsourced Cash Flow Management Services

Cash flow management is important to any business. Fortunately, you can outsource cash management to us so we can help you in many different ways with our cash flow services.

  • Prevent Untimely Costs: Unforeseen expenses can wreck your business goals, but cash flow projections can help you see them coming in advance.
  • Reserve Funds for the Future: When you outsource cash management, you can trust us to keep some of your funds in reserve for your long-term goals and objectives.
  • Improved Cash Flow Positioning: Our cash flow management accounting lets us maintain a balance of reducing spending or expediting payment collection to always keep you in the black.
  • Constant Mindfulness: Cash flow statements mean you always know when, how, where, and why your cash needs are changing at any point in time.
  • Find More Cash: Our cash flow advisory services help you find the best potential sources for more cash when you need additional funds.
cash flow management

Our Cash Flow Management Services

Poor cash flow planning can turn revenue into a sinking ship and stunt your growth as a business. Outsourcing your cash management to industry professionals frees you up from ongoing burdens with related tasks you can emphasize on growing your business. As such, our cash flow advance services include many of the following features:

Cash Flow Report Maintenance

Cash flow reports free of accounting errors let you know whether you have a positive cash flow or not. We utilize comprehensive data compilation and accounting techniques to track transactions, sales, and expenditures.

Cash Flow Forecasting and Planning

Cash flow projection is the path to answers about how your business is likely to fare in the future if it stays on its current course. Advanced business algorithms can reach 97% accuracy for projections you can trust and build goals from.

Cash Flow Budgeting

This is a complicated process where financial records must be accurate for estimations to be correct. We verify both expenditures and cash receipts in between periods so we can use the approximation method to forecast budgeting.

Bank Statements Reconciliation

We make sure your business has an accurate cash flow projection by comparing and then matching the specified account balance found on your establishment's balance sheet. We do this with due diligence to support your financial model.

Credit Card Report Reconciliation

We match each transaction that happens within a specific financial term by pairing up credit card statements with your business's internal records. If we find mismatches, we flag the data for further action by your own accounting department.

Trust Your Cash Flow Management to a Trusted CPA!

Need help planning and managing cash flow? is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Cash Flow Services for Your Business

Cash flow management accounting based in Chicago can help your small or medium business anywhere in the country in many different sectors and industries. See what we can do for the part of the economy you participate in.

Retailers might have peak seasons where they get most of their profit but still have payroll and expenses the rest of the year, so managing cash flow is what keeps the doors open and the lights on.

Law firms that get involved with long and drawn-out proceedings or matters might put in many hours of billables before they actually get the revenue from them.

Construction businesses have to watch their cash flow at all times because they might put a lot of money into materials and labor long before they get paid for finishing a project or contract.

Not-for-profits have to operate their cash flow very tightly because if their revenue gets to be too profitable, they can actually lose their tax-advantaged status and wind up changing their entire operation.

Our Cash Flow Management Process

The cash flow management process we follow utilizes 5 specific steps in sequence to serve your business well.

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Identifying Requirements

    Any outsourcing relationship needs to involve the outsourced partner getting to know your business in great detail. We don't want to just treat you like another client but actually get to know your needs, dreams, and ambitions.

  • Analysis of Your Needs

    We dive into comprehending your current financial situation as we study components ranging from credit terms and cash flow statements to inventory management and accounts payables/receivables.

  • Strategizing Your Cash Flow Management

    If you want to prevent cash flow problems from impacting your business, then you should think about forming a professional relationship with financial business partners who can come up with both short-term cash flow projections and long-term cash flow projections. 

    The short term might be weekly or monthly, while the long term can be annual or even periods of several years. Developing historical cash flow statements helps you see where your company money has gone and been used so you can better plan your future roadmap. Uncovering hidden costs can free your business of obstacles holding it back while streamlining operations.

  • Managing Your Company Cash

    Once a plan is agreed to, our team executes as stated while also creating comprehensive reporting you can use to judge for yourself if the process is taking your company places you want it to be.

  • Reporting

    We come up with distinct reports for every project. We also encrypt them for your security and privacy before sending them to you. You'll always know what's going on and have peace of mind at the same time.

Why Outsource Cash Flow Management to Us? is a professional and certified CPA who can offer you four specific benefits if you work with us.

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Remote Services

Whether you're in the Chicago area or not, we can do our work remotely. We never have to take up precious square footage in your business, especially if you're a digital operation that doesn't have any room to start with.
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We're proudly based in Chicago, but we can serve clients nationwide. If you're in the continental United States, we're never more than two hours off your current time zone.
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Deep Expertise

You might know a few things about cash flow yourself, but we're industry experts. Take advantage of the depth of our knowledge and skill.
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Emphasis on You

We're not just here to provide some token services with minimal attention and then bill you. We find ways to help you grow and improve your business.

Client Reviews

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I have been a client of Susan S. Lewis Ltd, for the past 25 years. From practically the inception of her business. Throughout those years Susan and her team have been an excellent provider of tax and consulting services for my family and me. This includes your typical tax returns, trust tax returns, corporate tax returns, retirement planning/discussions, and estate planning.
Michael Rowan
We have been doing business with Susan Lewis since 2005 and are very happy with the accounting and tax services. Sue and her staff are knowledgeable and professional. We trust them. I highly recommend Susan Lewis and her staff and continue with them even tho we are out of state and no longer local.
Jenny Bennish
Been using Susan and staff for over 20 years. Service is prompt and reasonably priced. Very helpful in answering questions for future tax planning. Trust her firm totally.
Roger Morsch
Many thanks as always. Truly unbelievable how fast you respond. 5 star service.
Kathy G
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Cash Flow Management FAQs

You're not the only business with cash flow management questions, so let's look at some questions we've been asked before!

  • Why cash flow management is important for any business?

    Proper cash flow management is crucial to any business because a healthy flow of cash means you can pay your expenses and payroll on time while also enjoying funds that let you grow and expand your business. Being able to pay vendors and bills on time means avoiding emergency sources of cash, such as credit cards or loans.

  • How often you should update your cash flow projection?

    Updating a cash flow projection can be tedious and complex, given all the data and factors involved. However, you should do it to periods that match the last update to compare similar lengths of time to one another.

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Cash flow can grow your business or put it under. This is one aspect of financial operations you need to have done right. Partner up with to avoid the stress of cash flow problems so you can start building processes that keep your business going and growing for the foreseeable future.

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