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Outsourced Accounting Services in Chicago, IL

Let us guide, advise, and aid you in your business with our outsourced accounting services. If you need an updated approach, or even a brand new one, to achieve your financial goals and objectives, we’re here for you.

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We service 1,000+ businesses and 3,000+ individual clients, many of them located nationwide.
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Since 1986, we’ve provided comprehensive tax and accounting solutions for individuals and businesses.
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With our technology stack, we provide remote accounting services for you and your business, regardless the location.

Expert Outsourced Accounting Solutions by CPA Firm

Accounting needs vary among businesses. Some simply need an individual for rudimentary bookkeeping services, while others require a full array of accounting services like tax preparation, payroll processing, and internal audits. A plus of working with the firm is that we can give you everything an internal accounting department offers, but at a lower cost and greater efficiency.
In short, our firm can perform all the accounting function tasks you may need. Utilizing cutting-edge software and technology, we serve as an affordable alternative to in-house staff.

Trusted Full-Service Payroll Provider in Chicago, IL

Our Outsourced Accounting Services

Our offerings are numerous and diverse. Each is targeted toward a particular area that may be lacking in your operation. Let us be your outsourced accounting team and get your balance sheet in order.


Bookkeeping is the most basic of accounting services. We record and track each and every transaction while carefully monitoring balances, and this should be the core of your focus for you and your team if you want to get your finances in order.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

We guarantee prompt and precise payments by streamlining approval and remitting electronically. Meanwhile, our invoicing is disciplined, as are our deposit postings from accounts receivable.

Audit Preparation and Support

Our Chicagoland firm has served clients in need of a financial statement audit for many years. In turn, our clients benefit from the certainty of our financial reporting.

Forecasting and Budgeting

These advisory services estimate the income and expenditures over an extended period of time, which in turn helps you manage cash flow. We demonstrate to businesses the possibilities under multiple scenarios. Informed business decisions follow.

Cash Management

Accounting operations are all about cash flow. Cash management involves activities related to collections, investments, and paying out of existing resources to optimize profitability and savings.

Looking for Additional Accounting Support for Your Business?

Leave your outsourced accounting to a trusted CPA! Contact us today to learn how we can ease your accounting burden.

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Outsourced Accounting Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Outsourced accounting services help myriad businesses flourish in diverse ways. Lewis CPA works with companies as varied as law firms, healthcare practices, industrial companies, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Businesses with tight profit margins know all too well the value of disciplined cash flow management. For medium-sized and small businesses, a tight rein on equity, liabilities, assets, revenue, and expenses is crucial for success and growth.

Competent accounting services can minimize costs and spur efficiency, particularly with a high-tech workflow system. Grants are better stewarded, and officers are better informed when contemplating new initiatives.

Those firms practicing the learned professions, like law, face unique challenges. Profitability comes from multiple centers and tracking their activities demands special attention. We provide that focus from billing to payroll to taxes.

Clinics and affiliated businesses have their own business goals. Accounting services for these entities perform daily accounting tasks like payroll administration and electronic payment processing, among other office services.

How Your Business Benefits from Outsourced Accounting  

Benefits of Outsourced Payroll Services
  • More Accounting, Less Overhead

    Outsourced accounting means fulfillment of the accounting function minus hiring protocols, employee benefits management, performance reviews, and observance of multiple labor regulations. So, bills are paid, receipts collected, and accounts resolved all in a single partner.

  • More Control and Initiative

    The cloud-based software of our CPA firm allows us to tailor our accounting services to your areas of concern. You have access to our work at any time and at any location.

  • Less Risk of Fraud

    The business processes of your outsourced accounting services are designed to reduce the risk of unethical and unprofessional practices that disrupt your long-term success.

  • Greater Effectiveness

    With a wealth of industry expertise, the Lewis CPA firm will focus, consolidate and redirect current practices to conserve time and expense while you grow the bottom line.

Why Choose Our CPA Firm?

There are a bunch of certified public accountants out there. Lewis CPA rises above the pack in three distinct ways:

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We are well-suited to serve clients anywhere in a timely manner with technology that allows us to provide accounting services remotely or on-site.
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Nationwide Coverage

Because of this state-of-the-art technology, we can work with any company in the United States. To that end, our highly trained accountants are versed in the financial codes of every state.
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Our deep industry expertise in the areas of capital, income, expenses, liabilities, and assets positions us well to pick up the accounting baton and run with it.

Client Reviews

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Very pleased with the service Susan Lewis office provides!! This is my fifth year with them as a client.
Albert Ridgeway
Susan S. Lewis LTD and her entire staff has always guided me with their extensive knowledge and confidence.  As a result I don’t worry about taxes, investments, etc. Love working with them.
Mary Ann Poulos
Been using Susan and staff for over 20 years. Service is prompt and reasonably priced. Very helpful in answering questions for future tax planning. Trust her firm totally.
Roger Morsch
Many thanks as always. Truly unbelievable how fast you respond. 5 star service.
Kathy G
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If you are ready to trust your accounting records with outsourced accounting services that operate according to best practices and use the most sophisticated technology, and with an affordable fee structure, contact us.

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FAQs about Payroll Services

  • What is outsourced accounting or bookkeeping?

    A company in need of accounting services but, for whatever reason, is not prepared to staff an in-house accounting department can find that a CPA firm is equipped to perform the accounting function at reasonable rates.