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As leaders in the industry, our Chicago-based firm is proud to help business owners across the country with everything to do with state and local taxes. Whether it's state and local tax consulting, deducting state and local taxes, or anything else, we do it all.

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Minimize Your State and Local Business Taxes

When businesses file for their federal taxes, the state, and local tax (SALT) deduction allows for up to $10,000 in deductions. Having state and local tax experts who are equipped with knowledge on how salt tax deduction works can save you thousands of dollars.

Minimize Your Taxes

Our State and Local Tax Services

Business owners from all over America rely on our state and local tax services. In Chicago, IL, state and local sales tax among other things can be a bit messy to deal with when regulations are changing frequently. Here are all the services that we offer in this space:

Sales and Use Tax

Being compliant with sales and tax laws is essential to keep your business up and running. At, we have invested in software that can painlessly help you calculate your sales tax nexus in every state where your business has a presence.

Tax Nexus Evaluation

Nexus refers to the level of connection between a taxing jurisdiction like a state and an entity like your business. Performing these evaluations is easy for our clients because of our ability to ask the right questions.

Income, Franchise, and Gross Receipts Tax

Our team has the unique ability to not only calculate your state and federal income tax liabilities but also identify ways for you to minimize those liabilities.

Tax Credits and Incentives

States offer different tax credits and incentives, and minimizing state and local tax liabilities is an important factor when selecting locations for production, distribution, sales, back-office functions, customer service, and more.

Property Tax

If your business has properties in other states, including active, abandoned, or unclaimed properties, we will review those for inclusion on your tax returns.

Can Your Business Benefit?

Whether your business is small or large, hanging on to your profits is everything. Let your business focus on its growth by reaching out today.

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State and Local Tax Planning Services for Your Business

Analyzing and understanding your tax nexus in each state is something that just needs to be done. And dealing with other things on top of that like multiple state tax filing, understanding the salt tax deduction, etc., is challenging. The industries we’ve seen benefit from our services the most are as follows:

Retailers benefit from state and local tax planning services tremendously. Due to how complicated taxes can be for retail companies, it is very risky to not work with tax professionals.

Law firms know more than anybody that rules and regulations are constantly changing at the local, state, and federal levels. They come to for help because of how much they trust us to be up to date with our information.

Managing major construction projects is an expensive endeavor. Thankfully, there are ways to offset some of the costs and make deductions that you didn’t know were possible with our help.

We have a special place in our hearts for businesses that are out there to do good for the world and have less of a priority on making a buck.

Why Choose Our IRS Tax Audit Firm

If you aren't already rushing to get in contact with our firm, you might be convinced after hearing about the additional benefits that come from starting the relationship.

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Remote services

The majority of individuals are used to having to meet in person when working with a professional on their taxes. However, we are proud to offer remote services for those who can’t attend face-to-face meetings.
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Regardless of where you are in the country, we can help. Not all certified IRS tax audit firms can say that. In fact, most have a few states that they don’t deal with.
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Deep expertise

We hear from a lot of our clients about past experiences that they’ve had with people who simply don’t know enough information to offer effective services. is different.
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Rather than trying to get you in and out the door, we are sincerely focused on understanding your business. Asking the right questions is how we can be a completely solutions-driven organization.

Our SALT Process

The way that we provide our state and local tax services is incredibly simple for our clients to understand. Here are the steps:

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Schedule an Appointment

    Making an appointment is very easy. You can call us, email us, or simply fill out our contact form. The form can be filled out by anyone from any device in America.

  • Gather Your Documents

    If you aren’t sure what documents you need, that’s totally normal. Before we get to this part, we will already have talked with you about the information we’ll need in order to help. You’ll know what to do.

  • Let Our Tax Professionals File Your State and Local Taxes

    Some business owners are still filing their taxes because they aren’t aware of all the benefits that come from working with tax professionals. Thankfully, this won’t be you anymore.

  • Get Your State and Local Returns Maximized

    With the right strategy implemented by our team of tax professionals, you can not only pay the least amount of money, but you can also receive the maximum amount of returns possible.

  • Find Last Year's Return

    Get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. It can be held in any convenient for you way: in person, on the phone, or virtually.

State and Local Taxes FAQs

  • How are state and local taxes calculated?

    State and local taxes are calculated by adding up all of the taxable income for a particular area and then dividing that number by the total population. This results in what's called the tax rate, which is the percentage of your income that goes to state and local taxes.

  • How much are state and local tax deductions?

    The maximum amount that can be deducted based on the state and local tax deduction is $10,000. This amount is based on what you are paying for your sales taxes, state income, and state and local property taxes. Understanding how all the state and local taxes work is our job.

Client Reviews

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We ran into some sales tax audit issues which Sue and staff handled very professionally for us.  We continued to use Susan Lewis after selling the business and moving out of state.
Jenny Bennish
I have been using Sue Lewis for my business and personal taxes for years and have had a great experience. Sue and everyone at her office are great. They are all very knowledgeable and ready to help. From handling payroll to yearly tax reporting they handle everything without much needed from me. They make my life easy!
Mike Avallone
I have had a fantastic experience with Sue Lewis as well as the other wonderful women in the office. They have helped guide me through my personal and business taxes in addition to corporate debacles that I faced before finding Sue. My friend recommended me to Susan Lewis and I have recommended her to others. Between communication, follow-up, persistence with tax issues and professionalism, you really can't do better.
Alli Doubek
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