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Estate Planning Services in Chicago, IL

As the old adage goes: you can't take it (money) with you. Whether you are affluent or of modest means, an estate plan will aid in establishing your financial legacy privately and securely after your death. Trust and estate accountants offer estate planning services in Chicago, IL and nationwide. We can get your estate planning documents in order and get you the best financial plan.

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estate planning services
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Expert Estate Planning Financial Advisors

Working with clients to minimize their tax burdens for over a quarter-century, Susan S. Lewis, CPA, LTD. is a Chicago firm of certified public accountants that serves local and national clientele who want to save money. As an estate planning financial advisor, STE serves people seeking to improve the worth of their assets and properties. These are what make up an estate and, as a trust CPA group, we possess a wealth of knowledge helping clients minimize taxes and liabilities that apply to their estate plans. 
We also advise on trusts, wills, power of attorney, guardianship issues, insurance, and property disposition. We do not, however, draft legally binding documents as legal issues are complicated, and the estate settlement process isn't always straightforward.  

trust and estate planning services

Our Trust and Estate Planning Services

Our estate planning strategies do not involve the practice of law. Estate laws are complicated. On the other hand, we are well-suited to advise you in the following areas:

We help you to clarify your financial goals and plan toward them.

We help you to assess each of your choices in terms of estate planning

We advise how to distribute assets to family members, charitable organizations, and trusts.

We can evaluate at regular intervals your financial needs as events and circumstances evolve.

We give directions on how to approach gift taxes.

We can assist you in planning for business succession contingencies.

We prepare or help you prepare, tax return information on estate, fiduciary, and gift taxes.

We can coordinate the assembly of an estate planning team, i.e., attorneys, accountants, and administrators.

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These are a few of the ways we keep you from getting overwhelmed. Get in touch with us to hear more about how we can serve you.

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What Does Our Estate Planning Process Look Like?


Proper estate planning begins with our client. Before anything else, schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. When you set up a meeting, you can provide some rudimentary information upon which we can prepare for the session.


Your job then is to gather all of the financial documentation needed for a comprehensive establishment of estate planning goals. These should include everything relating to assets and basic facts regarding beneficiaries.


You can meet with us virtually or face-to-face at our office. Here is where we will gather the rest of what we need to file on your estate’s behalf.


We then employ our expertise to file a return for your estate with accuracy and promptness. This helps to relieve the anxiety of dealing with the affairs of a deceased family member.

Why Outsource Estate Planning to Us?

Certainly, a layperson is competent to handle an estate plan and its assets. Yet this is time-consuming work, and frustrating for those without regular exposure to it.



Susan S. Lewis LTD. Is a firm that has delved into estate issues, probate, and financial legacy creation for 36 years. Most of these matters are familiar terrain for us.
Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

With thousands of businesses and households coming back to us repeatedly for accounting and tax help, you can be sure that our estate planning in Chicago and beyond is trustworthy.
Personal Attention

Personal Attention

Ours is not an estate plan processing operation. Instead, we seek to forge bonds with our clients to become authoritative and credible partners.
State-Specific Knowledge

State-Specific Knowledge

Whether you are creating an estate plan or simply managing one, we possess extensive knowledge of your state’s tax code as well as state laws governing trusts and estates.

Client Reviews

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The office is professional, the staff is responsive, and most importantly the work is exceptional. The depth of Sue's knowledge, and the support of her team are truly unmatched
Marieantoinette Zamora
We have been using Susan for over 20 years, she has provided excellent service and helped us through many of our life changing moments: new homes, college expenses, employment changes and more. We would recommend her for all your financial needs
Michael Parent
Susan and her team are the absolute best! Their work is exceptional and the service is unmatched! I would highly recommend them
The Aesthetic Professional
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FAQs about Estate Planning Services

  • How much do estate planning services by trust CPA cost in Chicago?

    Estate plans vary in size and complexity so their respective preparations will likewise differ in costs. The more common fees for filing forms range between $600 and $2,000. An array of factors can add or subtract dollar amounts from the total costs of planning, preparation, and filing. Give us a call to talk more about what fee you'll pay.

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Key to a successful estate plan is expertise with the details. The more complicated the plan is, the better to retain professional support so that all parties are satisfied - the successors, the beneficiaries, and the taxing authorities in state and local government.
If you think assistance from a trust and estate accountant would be of value, call us at (630) 552-6531. We are glad to help you explore your options. The integrity of your estate plan deserves that.

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