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Getting a new business off the ground can be daunting. Infrastructure, sales, hiring, looking for investors, hiring personnel, and dealing with legal issues all pose challenges to the business. Yet keeping track of the cash flow and your burn rate while keeping up on the balance sheet and financial health is less intimidating with a startup CPA firm.

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Trusted Chicago Startup CPA

For a quarter-century, our team of certified public accountants at Susan S. Lewis, LTD. has served entrepreneurs and those in startup businesses with expert accounting, tax preparation, finance, and consulting. Doing business successfully means close attention to revenues and expenses, but also understanding the legal and compliance issues that dog companies. Our accounting for startups services keep you abreast of where things stand in terms of profit and loss, among the other dynamics of new business cash flow. At the same time, our startup tax advisors keep tabs on where liability can be minimized to best preserve money.

Our Startup Accounting Services

startup cpa

Our accounting advice for startups can begin at the embryonic stages and conclude when you sell your thriving business. We have done it all before, no matter the industry, and we've worked with many companies.

Tax Preparation Services

New enterprises cannot delay when taxes are due. Lewis CPA can track and project how much money is due quarterly and annually, file forms and extensions, and even represent you during audits or disputes.


The nuts and bolts of accounting or a bookkeeping system can be a tedious and time-consuming chore for the beginning business. We do accurate and comprehensive bookkeeping for startups so you have time to focus on making money.

Payroll Services

Our startup business accountant service also processes payroll efficiently, holding to a zero-defects policy so that employees receive funds in their bank account quickly.

IRS Representation

We owe it to you to come alongside you should a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service arise. We can boast of a record of successful resolutions.

Financial Statements Preparation

bookkeeping for startups

Every finance professional should know the importance of detailed financial statements laying out all the financial transactions that are free of error. We provide just those items and can even pore over bank statements during the bookkeeping process, and we know your market.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Given the wealth of knowledge and expertise at, we are well able to include budgeting and forecasting using the latest tools for your financial model. Looking at your financial information, we can even check out your burn rate and cash on hand, to ensure that your finances are in order. With our expertise, we can determine when you may need to raise funds or even start hiring.

CFO Services

Optimal credit usage, capital formation, and balancing payables and receivables are some of our areas of specialization that can boost the future of any startup.

What Does Our Accounting Process for Startups Look Like?  

Why Choose Us for Startup Accounting?

Of course, ours is not the only start up accounting firm in Chicago or around the U.S. Still, we believe we stand apart and can help your company succeed.

FAQs about Accounting for Startup Businesses

Take Advantage of Startup Accounting Services

Learn all the ways can assist you in your startup venture.
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Our accounting advice for startups is based on a long history with new ventures. We have been where you are going.


We employ internal controls that are not only rigorous but scalable in view of the future expansion of operations.


Our startup bookkeeping service integrates accounts payable and receivable with payroll processing and ongoing financial reporting and uses the latest accounting software.

Tax Assistance

We help you with tax preparation and, if necessary, IRS representation.

Get in Touch for an Appointment

Our work begins with the prospective client. Call us at (630) 864 5549 or connect with us online.

Compile All Your Financial Documents

This is done so we have a total picture of what a startup CPA can do for you. Then, an accountant can get started.

We Get Together

Either remotely or in person, conversation fills in the blanks where documents cannot. This way we will be able to track your growth more easily in the future.

We Define the Job Needed and Costs

Once we set the parameters on what our business accounting does for you, we can get started.

Do startups need a bookkeeper?

The short answer is yes, even in the early stages. Do you need to hire a bookkeeper? Most new businesses find bookkeeping helpful for getting tax returns ready or looking for potential investors.

How much do your startup services cost?

It all depends on which of our services you want to employ. Contacting us to chat about it is free.

If you want the best CPA for startups working for your company, get in touch with us now.

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Always friendly, personable and most important, knowledgeable. Always willing to take questions and explain.
Kathryn Volpi
Very pleased with the service Susan Lewis office provides!! This is my fifth year with them as a client.
Albert Ridgeway
Susan and her team are the absolute best! Their work is exceptional and the service is unmatched! I would highly recommend them
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