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From our Chicago headquarters, specializes in multi-state taxes; their preparation and filing, as well as addressing any post-filing issues that arise. The multistate tax services we offer consolidate the work and save businesses money.

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Trusted Multi-State Tax Specialists

As a CPA firm in practice for over 25 years, we stay abreast of changes in the U.S. tax code and those of every state. Working with individuals and businesses, large, medium and small, we provide accounting services and solutions that reduce their overall liability, leaving them more money to invest in operations and other aspects of the business. Those companies operating in multiple jurisdictions face myriad rules and laws related to state and local taxes as well as government enforcement. We cut through the confusion and simplify taxes for your business on your behalf.

Minimize Your Taxes

Our Multistate Tax Services

Multistate tax issues are complex and diverse. We strive to master the details of each state’s tax regulations so our clients are never left vulnerable to a penalty or issues with laws.

Multi-State Income Tax Filing

Whatever the entity, individual, corporation, trust, partnership, e.g. – we gather the required forms and numbers to backstop a strong income tax return in every applicable jurisdiction.

Multi-State Sales Tax Filing

We advise clients on the sales and use tax registration requirements for each state where commerce is conducted. We help obtain exemption certificates and file the sales tax return.

Multi-State Tax Compliance

Companies fall through the compliance cracks without constant vigilance when functioning in multiple states. State tax issues arise when least expected. We stand ready to expect the unexpected and aim to minimize issues within your business.

Nexus Analysis for Income/Franchise Tax and Sales & Use Taxes

Nexus analysis looks at state practices and contracts to discover what requirements apply and where past filings have fallen short. The analysis covers income, franchise, and sales/use taxes.

Subsidiary and Entity Planning to Reduce Overall State Taxes

Corporations often organize by means of subsidiaries. We advise on these actions to diminish state and local taxes and liabilities.

Apportionment and Allocation Analysis

States determine company tax exposure by means of allocation and apportionment. Allocation focuses on non-business income while apportionment assigns business income among states.

Expert Multi-State Tax Help

Don’t get overwhelmed by multi-state taxation.

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What Does Working with Us Look Like?

Our Expat Tax Planning Process.
  • Step 1: Initial Consultation

    Our multistate tax services begin with a quick conversation about your accounting and tax needs. You tell us what you need and we tell you what we provide. As our services and resources correspond with your challenges, a positive relationship begins, and we can assist you to start minimizing your tax liabilities.

  • Step 2: Strategy Session

    You supply our firm with the pertinent financial statements and documentation. We scrutinize them and determine the best way to provide solutions to multistate tax problems and address any other tax issues related to your business.

  • Step 3: Preparation of Multistate Tax Filings

    After resolving strategies, we file returns with the taxing authority in each jurisdiction, including every schedule appropriate to your business entity.

  • Step 4: Sending the Filings to the Taxing Authorities

    We have clients in every state and work with state revenue agencies all over the country. Our contacts; knowledge of state codes; and years of multi-state practice serve our clients well at tax time.

  • Step 5: IRS Representation

    We strive to avoid audits, whether in person or not. Nevertheless, a firm that operates in several states, and files accordingly, may nevertheless attract the agency’s attention. Take heart. You will not be left alone. We will represent you throughout the entire process.

Why Trust Multistate Tax Filings to Us?

We respect our colleagues yet suggest that we represent a cut above the rest because:

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We field a highly trained and experienced team of accountants and financial professionals to serve you
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Government Compliance

Our experience has borne a wealth of wisdom about dealing with state tax issues and government agencies.
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Our people employ the latest technology to speed the preparing and filing in multiple jurisdictions.

Client Reviews

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Susan S. Lewis LTD and her entire staff has always guided me with their extensive knowledge and confidence.  As a result I don’t worry about taxes, investments, etc. Love working with them.
Mary Ann Poulos
I have been working with Susan S. Lewis, CPA for over 17 years.  Her dedication and expertise has kept me on track for both my personnel and business tax requirements. She comes prepared for all meetings and offers exceptional professional advice on all tax matters.
Jeff Wiktor
Professional, expert services from people who care about their clients.
Diane Traxler
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State and Local Taxes FAQs

  • What is a reciprocal agreement?

    States enter into reciprocity arrangements by allowing workers and enterprises to pay taxes only where they live as opposed to the state where they work.

  • What is a Nexus?

    An economic nexus is a set level of business activity that stimulates the collection of sales tax in other states where a company does business.

  • What causes an economic Nexus?

    • Recruiting additional employees;
    • Contracting with independent representatives;
    • Holding inventory in another state's warehouse;
    • Owning property in the other state(s).

    If you are looking for cost effective tax planning and preparation across state lines, is just a click away. Our team can quickly get started to maximize your benefit.

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From individual tax returns to large corporations, we have the expertise to streamline your taxation needs and keep you in compliance with the latest rules and regulations. Contact us to get started right away.

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